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First Skydive


As I mentioned several years ago and in a previous post, I have always wanted to make a skydive.  The initial goal was to make a tandem jump, then work to solo.  But when the time drew near I decided to skip over making a tandem jump and head straight to a solo AFF skydive.

Our Body is a Temple


Lately I have been thinking more about the tattoos I have, should I remove them, add to them or what not. And I have been thinking on the lines that our body is a temple. The general Orthodox stance is against tattoos particularly in regards to the verse “Ye shall not make any cuttings in […]

Signs of being an Introvert

Signs of being an Introvert

23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert The Huffington Post  |  By Carolyn Gregoire Think you can spot an introvert in a crowd? Think again. Although the stereotypical introvert may be the one at the party who’s hanging out alone by the food table fiddling with an iPhone, the “social butterfly” can just as easily have […]

Bigger and better things

Bigger Edit

I aspire to bigger and better things, but my own sin and weakness gets in the way. My sin once again prevents me from entering your Holy House, have mercy on me, the greatest among sinners.